Red Sea Bream


Red sea bream lives in waters south of Hokkaido all over Japan. It has always been closely tied to the life of Japanese people. They are one of the creatures that represent Kinko Bay.

You can catch red sea breams at Kinko Bay throughout the year. From February to March, large red sea breams enter the Kinko Bay, locally known as “Iridai”, which can be 1 m in length and 10 kg in weight.

The “Iridai” is a sign of spring in Kinko Bay. They are also called “Sakuradai”, and many fishermen go after them during this season.

The eggs get carried to the inner bay by the current, in shallow waters of the central part of Konko Bay, you can find many baby red sea breams.

Inner bay is full of food for young red sea bream and the large field of sea grass makes great hiding spots for them. When they get older, they can dive deeper into Kinko Bay.  These factors makeKinko Bay a suitable environment for red sea breams.

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