Palaemonid Shrimp


The Palaemonid shrimp was found in the tube of Vestimentiferan tubeworm captured in Kinko Bay.

Later on, Professor Otomi of Kagoshima University and his research team reported that this was a new type in December, 2001.

The Japanese name for this creature is “Tagiri Kakure Ebi”. The word “Tagiri (boil)” was used because it was discovered in the deep end of Kinko Bay with volcanic gases.  This is not limited to the Japanese name.  Even its scientific name Periclimenes thermohydrophilus contains meaning of favoring hot springs.  Palaemonid shrimp has only been found in colonies of Vestimentiferan tubeworm.  However, why they live in their tubes and their relationship with them still remains unknown.

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