Moon Jellyfish


The moon jellyfish live in tropic and temperate waters around the world. In Kagoshima mainland, you will find parent jellyfish 20 cm in size during rainy seasons.  There is a large outbreak of jellyfish at times in Kinko Bay. Depending on the direction of currents and wind, many of them sometimes wind up on the shore.

The part that looks like a flower petal is the gonad and males and females have different colors. From the 4 dots on the gonad that looks like eyes, they are sometimes called “four eyed jellyfish”.

They eat zooplanktons floating in the water and catch them using tentacles on the edge of their hood. On the back side of the hood, they have oral arms. After catching prey, they roll it up using their tentacles and use these oral arms to carry it to their mouth.

Creatures of this water tank