Japanese Fire-bellied Newt


Japanese fire-bellied newt has a red stomach; hence some call it red stomach newt.  It is one of the endemic species of Japan. It lives in slow current water, swimming and tangling itself to water plants. Its breeding season is April to July. The tail of the male turns bluish purple. The male makes his tail form of “S” and shake it in front of the female when courting.  The female lays each egg in folded water plants.

When fire-bellied newts hatch, its gills are on the outside. During this period, it lives underwater but as it learns to breathe with its lungs, it gradually comes up on land.  Until it becomes an adult, it only lives on land.

Fire-bellied newts can be found all over Kagoshima. On AmamiOshima you can also find swordtail newts, a subspecies of fire-bellied newts.

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