Japanese Common Catfish


Here, you can find Japanese common catfish.

Japanese common catfish can be found on the west side of the KoreanPeninsula, eastern China, and southern Hokkaido to southern Kyushu in Japan. It can grow up to be 65cm in length.

During the day, it stays still in aquatic plants and begins to become active at night, looking for food. It is carnivorous and eats everything from crabs to fish and even frogs.  It has tiny sharp teeth in its mouth and once it gets hold of its prey, it won’t let go. In the tank, you can see it hiding behind bridges, driftwoods, and shorelines.

Since it spawns in shallow waters, you can spot them in many rural district rivers.  Although you can catch them in rivers of Kagoshima, decrease in potential spawning spots such as paddy fields and shorelines makes it difficult to catch them nowadays.

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