Fluted Giant Clam


On the bottom of the tank, you will find the fluted giant clam spreading itself on the rocks. On its body surface, there are zooxanthellae. The fluted giant clam survives using nutrients created by this phytoplankton through photosynthesis. Because of this, they can only live in shallow and transparent locations where there is sunlight. Its surface is brownish with bright colors like green and blue. The brown color comes from the zooxanthellae that live in the cell of the surface of its body.

The lighting of the tank is set stronger for photosynthesis.

They live in coral reefs of Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean south of Tanegashima.  Among other giant clams, it is medium size, about 30 cm in length.

On the surface of the shell, there is a fin-shaped part sticking out, which makes it easier to tell them apart from other giant clams.

In isolated islands like AmamiOshima, it is often eaten. Its shells can also be used as water container and other daily items. It can also be used for crafts like lampshades.

Creatures of this water tank