Eel Grass


Eelgrass, unlike other seaweeds, digs its roots into the ocean floor and flowers. These plants are referred to as sea plants rather than seaweeds.

In Japan, the southernmost point for these plants is Kinko Bay. The eel grasses of Kinko Bay are annual plants and sprouts around October. In spring they flower to drop seeds then wither around May. Locations covered in eelgrass are called eelgrass bed and many creatures gather around. For them, these fields become their home for raising their young ones, their shelter for infants, and their feeding ground. Because they play such an important role in the ecosystem, these locations are often called “The Ocean Cradle”. However, due to the increasing construction of seawalls and pollution, they are slowly disappearing in recent years. Measures to reconstruct such eelgrass bed s are being taken in KinkoBay.

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