Chinese Sea Snake


Chinese sea snake is a snake that can grow up to be 150 cm in length. It has black and blue stripes on its body. In its younger years, it has bright blue stripes, and as it grows up or is about to molt, its skin gets darker and turns yellowish. To make it easier to swim in the sea, the tip of its tail is flat. During the day they live on land and hide in between rocks. At night they go back to sea and eat fish. Their nerve poison is 70/80 times stronger than that of a Habu snake, but they are gentle snakes that rarely attack man. The Chinese sea snake displayed here was captured in Takarajima of Tokara Islands. Takarajima and Kodakarajima next to it is a famous spawning spot for these creatures. Their breeding season is from September to November. During this time, fishermen captureChinese sea snake that come up on land with their hands.

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