Bottlenose Dolphin


Bottlenose dolphins live in tropic and temperate coasts around the world and can grow up to be 3 m in length.

It is the most common dolphin displayed in aquariums all over Japan. It lives up to 30 to 40 years. Its beak is thick and short and has 80 to 120 teeth.

At Kagoshima City Aquarium, we began our research on wild dolphins of KinkoBay in 1999.  Through this research, we have confirmed the existence of wild Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, and long-beaked common dolphins in Kinko Bay.

You can identify individual dolphins by the shape of its fins, scars, and other characteristics. In our research, we have identified multiple dolphins using fin characteristics found in our photographs.

At Kagoshima City Aquarium, a male dolphin, Lasky, was born on March of 2012, followed by May, a female dolphin born on May in the following year.