The fish with a slanted band stretching from the upper jaw to its eyes is the amberjack. From the front, this pattern looks like the symbol for“8”in Kanjicharactor.  The Japanese name for this fish, “Kampachi” comes from this.

They live south of Honshu in Japan and around the world excluding East Pacific Ocean. They can grow up to be 1.9 m in length and large ones can exceed 10 kg at times. They are luxury fish, often caught in fishing and fixed nets.  Aquaculture of amberjacks is popular too. The number of amberjacks raised in Kagoshima is the highest in Japan. Just inside the Kinko Bay, there are multiple nurseries around Sakurajima.

Small amberjacks called “Neigo”, and those exceeding 1 m is called “Akabara”.

Creatures of this water tank