2FKuroshio Hall


This is the Kuroshio Hall.

This is the Kuroshio Great Water Tank.  It is the biggest tank in Kagoshima City Aquarium.  It is 25 m wide, 13 m deep, and 5 m tall with 1500 tons of water.  You will find whale sharks and tuna swimming in the Kuroshio Current.

At the Kuroshio Great Water Tank, we hold the “Whale Shark Feeding” event from 10:15 AM every day.

Whale shark is the biggest fish in the Kuroshio Great Water Tank.  It migrates around subtropics/temperate regions around the world.  Near Kagoshima, it is often spotted from May to October.  Every year, 5 to 10 of them are captured in fixed nets.

At Kagoshima City Aquarium, we look after these captured whale sharks until they are 5.5 m in length, attach a satellite transmitter, and return them to sea.  We call every one of them Yu-yu.

Creatures of this water tank