4・5FDeep in Kinko Bay


Displayed in this tank are large groupers, kelp bass, bright-colored fairly basslet (

anthias), corals, and other creatures that live around rocky areas 40 m deep with no sunlight.

KinkoBay, created by volcano eruption, is a relatively deep enclosed bay.  Around Sakurajima, just you go a few meters from shore and you will notice the ocean floor turn into a steep slope that stretches to the bottom of the sea for 100 m.

Transparency of the water is low, so at about 30 m in the water, sunlight starts to fade and it starts to get dark.  Light the dark sea and you will be stunned to see numerous bright colored fish swimming around you.

Sometimes, large fish appear from the rocks in dusk, which may startle you.  In such cases, you may be invading their territory.

In deep ends of KinkoBay, you will get to see unique creatures you will not encounter in the shallow waters.

Creature fo this water tank