4・5FBigfin Reef Squid


Around Kagoshima, you will find squids like bigfin reef squid, golden cuttlefish, southern squid, spear squid, Pacific flying squid, diamond squid, and more.  The bigfin reef squids live all year round in the KinkoBay. They are sometimes called oval squids. They are one of the best tasting squids and considered to be very high quality.

A male has dotted lines on its back and a female has spots, which is useful when telling them apart. They spawn from spring to the end of summer. They lay dozens of egg sacs that look like bean pods on seaweeds and woof found underwater. Baby squids about 1 cm in length hatch after about a month. The baby squids eat small fish and zooplanktons. They live for about a year and end their life when they lay eggs.

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