1FTide Pool


The small pools of water found in intertidal zones during low tide are called tide pool.

Many young fish and small shrimps are found in these tide pools, along with various shellfish and crabs.  People can safely explore the area, look for these creatures, and examine them until the tide returns.

There are creatures found under the rocks as well.  In the observation box, there are many creatures hiding inside.  Open the lava lid to experience the joys of discovery.

On the back of the water tank, there is a device called “Shishiodoshi”, used to create waves.  Using two of them, different in size and intervals, a wave is created.  This water tank was modeled after the shore of Sakurajima, which was made of lava.  The picture shows a view of Kagoshima city from this shoreline.  You can also see the ferryboat that connects Kagoshima City Aquarium, Kagoshima city, and Sakurajima.

Creature fo this water tank