Spotted Eagle Ray


Spotted eagle ray swims like a bird flying in the sky. They are found in temperate/tropic areas around the world and can grow up to be 1.5 m in width. On the tip of its tail, it has some poisonous spikes, which causes extreme pain when stung.

The larger spotted eagle rays have been with us since our establishment in 1997. The smaller spotted eagle rays in the tank were born from them. They feed nutrients to their infants while they are still in their mother’s body, making them ovoviviparous. They can give birth to 1 to 4 babies at once. The large females in our tank give birth to babies every year. Newborn rays are about 50 cm to 60 cm in width.

When they are about to give birth, you will get to see the mother ray’s stomach expand and male rays biting on mother rays as a form of a courtship.

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