Fiddler Crab


On land, on the upper area, you will find fiddler crabs.

Fiddler crabs are found in areas ranging from western Japan and Korea. Its shell is about 1.5 cm in width. It lives in holes that it dug in mudflats found on the bay. It feeds on microorganisms and nutrients found in sand.

The claw of the male is bigger on one side. It often waves its claws. The white claws moving up and down can be seen from far away. Waving is a courtship behavior.

Around Kagoshima City Aquarium, fiddler crabs can be observed at the mouth of the Inari River, just to the north, or at the Hakamagoshi bay of Sakurajima, just across the shore. Mudflat environments like these are decreasing all over the country. In 2006, fiddler crabs have been listed as 2nd class endangered species of the Red List published by the Ministry of Environment.

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