2FThe Symbiotic Relationship between a Clownfish and Sea Anemone


The theme of this tank is “The symbiotic relationship between an anemone fish and sea anemone”. Symbiotic relation refers to a relationship where both creatures help one another to survive.

Depending on the specific type, members of anemone fishes live with specific sea anemones. Sea anemones have long tentacles that contain poisonous spikes called nematocyst, which they use to catch planktons and fish. Anemone fish that live inside sea anemones are covered with a special slime and are not attacked by sea anemones.

When in danger or when they sleep at night, anemone fishes hide in sea anemones. They also spawn on rocks behind sea anemones. After laying eggs, they repel threats and protect their eggs. Until the eggs hatch, they use their pectoral fins to send water to the eggs and remove unwanted wastes with their mouth. They take care of their eggs and these behaviors are mostly seen in male anemone fish.

In this tank, every type of anemone fish has spawned. Spawning of clown anemone fish is seen very frequently. During hatching season, our staff waits for the newborns to arrive and collects them to display its growth process.

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