4・5FCommon Octopus


Common octopus lives in tropic and temperate waters around the world.  Common octopus lives between rocks at from intertidal zones to 40m depth. Intertidal zones are areas that are covered by water during full tide and dries up during low tide.

At Kinko Bay, fishermen catch these common octopuses using “Octopus Pot” and “Basket traps”.

Around April and May, when water temperatures are low, you can find them in shallow ports. But as rainy reason arrives, rain drops the salinity of the ocean and the water temperaturerises. This makes the common octopus move to deeper parts of the water.  They spawn from summer to fall and lay eggs in rock holes and octopus pots. Eggs are laid in clusters and looks like Japanese wisteria. It is sometimes called “Kaitouge” that means of Japanese wisteria blossoming in the sea in Japanese.